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Looking back in time, when the area of Petrosino was still uninhabited, the first buildings that were built were military sighting towers to organize the defence in case of pirate incursion. Then the decline of maritime and trade activities facilitated the development of agriculture from which comes the need to fortify the area with several watchtowers.


 Galvaga Tower

Built in the 1500 to fortify the area with watchtowers, its purpose was to catch sight of pirates and, at the same time, to signal the passage of tuna which were then conducted to the nearby tuna-fishing net. It is twelve meters high with very thick tuff walls and the shape is quadrangular. The name Sibiliana or Scibiliana maybe refers to the Sybil that, according to tradition, dwelled in Lylibeum, or to Scibilia Nobili, a girl who was kidnapped by pirates and held captive here.

torre-sibiliana mini

This majestic and fascinating structure was built in 1582 to dominate the countryside and to catch sight of any bandits or criminals. Each tower had a well and a waterhole and it was a small fortress where farmers and shepherds could take refuge. Realized in tuff, it is massive, squared and quadrangular. It has two floors with three rooms on each floor. Unique element of the tower is its crenellation on the top that makes the structure austere.

Torre Galvaga mini

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Section dedicated to the download of all permission modules in use at the various offices of the municipality.


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Pronto Soccorso: 118

Petrosino First Aid Station: +39 0923 986437

“Paolo Borsellino” Hospital in Marsala: +39 0923 753055

“Abele Ajello” Hospital in Mazara del Vallo: +39 0923 901233

“Amato” Pharmacy: +39 0923 985500

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