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History and Traditions


Petrosino history and traditions

“To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is to not have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

The artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage of Sicily is immense. Visiting a place means to get in touch with its history, culture and traditions.

The first stop to discover the local traditions is certainly the Anthropological Museum of Rural Culture "M. Zichittella" (1). It is a didactic museum of rural culture which holds the historical patrimony of tools and objects, essential to the reconstruction of the identity of the town. It shows the techniques and the procedures of the activities that took place in the fields, in the craft workshops or in family households. Scenes are recreated about the work of the farmer with the plough and the various phases of the harvest (the grapes in the vats and the vinification into typical barrels). There are also a kitchen with all the utensils and a bedroom with clothes from the end of XVII century. It is the historical memory of culture, tradition, art and crafts of Petrosino.

Museo1 mini

The history of Petrosino is closely related to the construction and evolution of bagli: rural fortified structures. A stop is recommended at Baglio Woodhouse (2), whose portal became the symbol of the town as a tribute to the ancient and prestigious farming culture.

bagliowoodh mini

The first buildings that were built in the area were watchtowers. Galvaga Tower (3) is worth a visit for its majestic and fascinating structure built in 1582 to dominate the countryside.

Torre Galvaga mini

The religious stop is at St Mary of Graces Church (4), symbol of local population’s religiosity and heart of the first settlement in Petrosino.

Going through the streets of Petrosino is easy to find small shrines, locally known as fiuredde. The local sacred aediculae are architectural elements dedicated to sacred figures.

chiesamariadellegrazie mini

Scattered in the territory there are other monuments as a tribute to local traditions: Monument to the Fisherman (5) , Monument to the grape (6) and the Bust of the MP F. De Vita (7).

Monum Pescatore mini   monumento uva mini   Busto De Vita mini



(1) It is based at the local middle school “G. Nosengo” in via Gianinea n. 34 – Tel. +39 0923 985877 – Supervisor Ms. Maltese +39 327 2907115 – Free entrance - Open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00 - Advance booking of at least one day is required. July and August advance booking of 2 days.


Latitude: 37.71459 – Longitude: 12.50646

(2) Closed to public. The portal is visible along via Baglio Inglese Woodhouse.
Latitude: 37.711461 - Longitude: 12.498933

(3) Visits by reservation only. Mr. Paladino +39 329 3142556. Latitude: 37.694178 - Longitude: 12.529972

(4) It is located in Piazza F. De Vita. Latitude: 37.71667 - Longitude: 12.494764

(5) It is located in Viale Mediterraneo. Latitude: 37.707081 - Longitude: 12.475572

(6) It is located in Viale F. De Vita. Latitude: 37.713835 - Longitude: 12.496824

(7) It is located in Viale F. De Vita. Latitude: 37.714848 - Longitude: 12.495905


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Useful Numbers

Carabinieri:112 - +39 0923 731350

Police: 113

Fire Department: 115 – +39 0923 951222 – +39 0923 941222

Traffic Police : +39 0923 985500

Pronto Soccorso: 118

Petrosino First Aid Station: +39 0923 986437

“Paolo Borsellino” Hospital in Marsala: +39 0923 753055

“Abele Ajello” Hospital in Mazara del Vallo: +39 0923 901233

“Amato” Pharmacy: +39 0923 985500

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