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Petrosino Art's Oasis

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Petrosino Art's Oasis

"If you teach beauty to people, it would provide a weapon against resignation, fear and silence” 

Peppino Impastato

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The Municipality of Petrosino presents the 1st Edition of the "Art's Oasis" Prize. The competition is aimed to launch a cultural and social process that educates the citizenry to take their public spaces (abandoned and degraded) back, thanks to their participation in choosing the artworks. "Art's Oasis" is presented, in general, as an active tool of the urban regeneration and requalification policy for the local areas under redesign. In particular, it represents the planning tool for a series of operations for the recovery of marginal and degraded areas that do not match with the social and cultural needs of the town.

"Art's Oasis" represents the hope to give a new essence to the town, to allow it to re-enter in the international tourism circuits connected to the contemporary art. In this first edition of the Prize, the spaces involved are the access to the town, the low-income housing, the new square and coastal areas. 

The goal is cause a culture shock aimed at the creation of the Advanced Cultural District. A great cultural and artistic ferment to trigger future opportunities, events connected to the Prize with results in the following years, with a view to enrich the town every year with new installations.

Below the names of the artworks and their future locations.


Prima Edizione 2015

Seconda Edizione 2016


Permission modules

Section dedicated to the download of all permission modules in use at the various offices of the municipality.


Useful Numbers

Carabinieri:112 - +39 0923 731350

Police: 113

Fire Department: 115 – +39 0923 951222 – +39 0923 941222

Traffic Police : +39 0923 985500

Pronto Soccorso: 118

Petrosino First Aid Station: +39 0923 986437

“Paolo Borsellino” Hospital in Marsala: +39 0923 753055

“Abele Ajello” Hospital in Mazara del Vallo: +39 0923 901233

“Amato” Pharmacy: +39 0923 985500

Contact us

  +39 0923.731711
  +39 0923.985400
 Comune di Petrosino - Piazza della Repubblica - 91020 Petrosino (TP)
 C.F.: 82007940818
 P.I.: 00584590814


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